How to become more effective

how to become more effective

08/05/2015. 8:30PM.

If i’m not mistaken, i remember some fourty minutes ago after i asked my self the impossible question, what do i write about?

The answer just came from within and unlike me, i was like, whenever i’m set to write, the topic will come, of its own accord.

And did the topic come?
Well, not until the moment i started writing this part.

Maybe free style is what I’m gonna write today but I’m not going to quit writing today.

And this is not just a mere puff, Its about discipline and i’m set to get myself disciplined enough, to attain this cherished writing goal.

OK. Now you’ve got that. Self discipline is what we’ll share today.

Let me make a confession. I feel really impressed and fulfilled, being able to attain almost all of today’s set goals.

To be very sincere, recently i found myself struggling a lot, to achieve various set goals.

I actually can’t remember if it was unforeseen circumstances that got my efforts stalled or not but i remember also how ‘under-disciplined’ I’d allowed myself lately.

When i said indiscipline i didn’t mean a total lack of self control but one of those situations where you feel overwhelmed with issues that you rarely remember to focus on priorities.

Those days when your needs will clash with wants and the present clash with future both of them demanding such equal attention, as if you are made of two individuals.

Have you been through such times before?

Ok. Like i said, sometimes, it gets really difficult to decide what to do, whenever there arise a clash of interest as regards your goals or ambitions.

At such times, i think hard then relate the benefit of choosing each of the options and their disadvantages, regarding my long term goals or life’s purpose.

Like today for instance, i felt it really necessary so i decided to summarily divide and allocate each of the 24 hours in a day thus: Ten hours for work, six for studies and the rest for Thinking (yes I love doing this) refreshment and resting.

Now, this is not a general rule but it’s my own way of being proactive and getting a bit more disciplined right now.

You may not necessarily follow a strict rule to become a more effective person but you must play by some principles if you want to improve your effectiveness. And one of those principles is Pro-activity.

You will have to proactively take responsibility for everything that will happen in your life, be it fair or ugly by setting up both short and Long term goals, in relation to your ultimate life’s purpose.

From there it will be more easier to decide without losing your head what to pursue at a particular time and what not to. Especially on those days you got a whole lot of stuff up your sleeves.

Then for you to make it work, you will also need loads of self-discipline and consistent action.

Plus whenever it seems really disappointing or discouraging, you remind yourself this is a journey, you keep moving because you’ll soon get used to it.

So what’s the simplest way to get more effective in one sentence?

My recipe: Find purpose, set goals, stick to goals when you don’t feel like it (self discipline), then get results.

Do you have ideas on how to get more effective? Let’s hear you…

Victor Winners!


Why Am I Here?

It begins like a brand new day and sometimes, if not for the ever present surroundings, you’ll just feel as if you’d just woken up to see the day’s light for the first time.

You then begin to find a different angle to life then with a broader understanding, you cherish the rich depth of the revelation you find.

To some people, it’s often different from this. With a feeling of loss and tears, they welcome this deep revelation of the Vision.

I think mine though was a combination of both. I felt nostalgic and the anxiety kept welling in my heart when I discovered the Vision, the purpose of being here.

I was both sad and angry. Angry that I’d been wasting precious time running away from this single thing. And not just that, i had some doubt on my ability to get it done.

You know some of us really have an idea of God’s purpose for our lives or should i say the reason for our existence on earth. But then, there are still many of us that will prefer to run away to Tarshish instead of Nineveh, like Jonah. defines purpose as the reason for which something exists or is done, made etc. So, for that fact, it is safe to say at least that everything has a purpose for which it came into existence.

Yes. Even human beings. Each and every one of us has a reason for being here. Don’t you think so?

I believe you’ll agree with me that every piece of furniture, electrical appliance and even an ordinary plate in your house has a reason for being there.

So if these inanimate things you pick from the groceries and stores are bought with a price so they can fulfill a certain end, do you think we human beings are just here for the fun of being alive?

No sir. i don’t think so ma’am! All living things existing on this earth are here for a purpose, including you. That said, have you ever asked the simple question, why am i here?

There is a reason for being here my friend. And the fact that you are aware of it or not cannot erase that reason otherwise called purpose. However, it can only remain dormant, just like a beautiful pot bought and kept without being used.

Supposing you exit the earth without executing this purpose, the gap would be there, unfilled, for generations, because there’s no other person who can do it, exactly like you.

Friend, I may not know exactly what you’re purposed to do here but i know that you got a purpose being here. There is something unique you’ve been created to do here.  And the keys ti finding it lies within you.

You could be enjoying a certain level of success right now but i can assure you, there’s nothing compared to the joy and contentment found in living a purpose driven life.

In my own experience, I had success but, there was so much yearning and a gap of discontentment, waiting to be filled.

It was struggle upon struggles until i found the reason for living. And even though, I’d tried running away from it for a long time, the day i accepted purpose was the day i began experiencing ease and real life. And i can assure you, the experience was more profound than what i captured at the opening of this article.

My friend, you could be called to be a Writer, Preacher, Lawyer, Doctor, Photographer, Artist, Caterer or whatever. Whenever you discover this call, go for it with all your strength.

I have seen celebrity Cooks, award-winning Painters and yet i have seen Doctors, Engineers and others who never tasted the joy of living because they refused to accept their distinct call of purpose.

The truth of the matter is, unlike the material world, in the human setting, no purpose is greater than the other. Each and every one of us has been purposed and given the ability to excel beyond our widest imaginations. So whatever extent we reach in this pursuit is what we have accepted either directly or indirectly.

As I close, I want to remind you dear friend that destiny and purpose is a personal thing. Don’t let the noise of what’s in vogue or the weakness of your limbs drown your willingness to pursue your purpose in life. You got the strength it takes to accomplish it. Because it was for this reason you were made.

I hate this!

Oh, this sucks! I really hate doing this!
Have you ever heard yourself making this statement?

Well, i must confess, i do this a times. And i believe you do it too-unless you’re not a living being. Because being alive connotes mobility-being able to move, grow or change form. And in the process of being mobile, there are basically certain ‘stuffs’ you won’t really like.

I woke up today with two things in mind.
One of them was to complete and submit my academic assessment so I’ll not miss the dateline and the other was to fulfill a planned meeting with a friend.

To be very sincere, until that morning, I’d never recovered fully from the rigors of the previous day’s academic activities yet, right there with me was another bulk of assessment and dateline which must be met.

Right there and then, touching those books was the last thing i ever wanted to do. In fact, i found it so difficult to condition my mind to read. But, something happened.

After trying so hard to rouse my brain, to think and decide, the picture of a ‘fulfilled’ academic career flashed through my mind. Before i knew what was going on, my mind began to capture the imagery of what would happen, if i didn’t pick up those books.

At that instance, i could imagine the pain of a shattered dream, the loss of realizing how things would have changed if I’d done a little bit more and the agony of a self-made failure then, i realized, i had to make a choice.

Without so much as a pint of enthusiasm i picked up my books. Without pleasure but pressure and a faint spark of hope, i began work on my assessment despite its clumsiness, because I’d just seen the picture of a future.

I can’t tell the exact number of times I’ve had to do this neither can i describe exactly how we all feel, when we tend to get stuck at times but, i can say
with some authority, that  there will be times you’ll say: ‘oh this sucks! I really hate doing this’.

When such times come, we need to remember the big picture of a fulfilled future. When the present challenges of the mission seems to overwhelm the beauty of the vision, you need to hold unto that big picture.

When You TRY So Hard But Get So Little- Xpeience


Today has been a very unique day. And I have been keen on pursuing one huge goal I’d earnestly desired, for the better part of the day.

After expending all my effort, for about eleven hours, i found out i could only attain about twenty five percent of the target, instead of the hundred percent i had expected.

I had almost got worn out from exhaustion and deep disappointment, before i was reminded by my ‘inner man’ that SIGNIFICANT SUCCESS, IS AN ACCUMULATION OF THE INSIGNIFICANT FEW.

I got to learn that success doesn’t just occur, when we reach the end of the ladder but that real success starts from the moment we step on the ladder, unto the very end of it.

The lesson i would share with you my dear friend today is:

”don’t get mad when what you garbage in is more than what you garbage out”.

“Don’t count yourself a failure, when you try so hard and get so little”.
Success, is a journey.

Remain blessed and

Why You Should Ask.

I live in a country where religion is such a big issue. Here, some folks would rather choose to stigmatise or trouble others on the basis of their religious inclination.

Right here in my compound, our next door neighbour is not a member of my religious group. And i hardly rapport with her. Note,  this is not as regards her religion but, due to the fact that she’s an elderly person who also hardly understands English.

Though this woman gets in my way once in a while, i’ve always tried to give her the best of a neighbour’s kindness, against all odds.

While fixing dinner this evening, i had serious issues with my stove. I tried everything within my power but nothing would just get it back to shape. Right in the midst of this, my this particular neighbour was sitting around ‘minding her business’ while observing non challantly the drama within the kitchen.

I felt the urge to ask maybe she could help but my mind kept giving me a thousand and one reason i shouldn’t ask (Honestly, had it been it were just another person, i’d have done that right away but here was i, with a woman who hardly understood me).
Instead of trying to express myself to her, even through gesticulation, i was trying to put up with my plight because i thought she’ll not understand or care enough, as to help out.

Right there and then, when she noticed that i’ve actually exhausted every means i could to fix this issue, she called and offered me her stove. I thanked her profusely but i was a little bit surprised. So i asked myself,

“is it that people mostly do not get help ’cause they don’t ask?”

Seriously, i am one person that finds it hard to bother others for my needs hence i hardly ASK people for help. I remember, back then, i’d sometimes remain without some cash, (just to save my pride) than beg anyone for anything.


Well, i think it is! Often times, we lose great opportunities because we wouldn’t just ask. I think this story and other of your daily experiences has offered you enough reasons why you should ask.

Just before i leave, i want you to know with me today, that we mostly ask, not because we are poor but, it is a law of nature that you must ask so you would be given. You will need to ASK before you access many opportunities in life hence you must never fear to ask.

It doesn’t matter the prejudice or sentiments you bear, anyone can be the link to the help you’re seeking. Look beyond those reasons you ought not to ask, see beyond those religious social or racial cloak; go out and ask again and again, ask for your rights, ask for opportunities and you shall receive. Remember, those who ask receive.