I hate this!

Oh, this sucks! I really hate doing this!
Have you ever heard yourself making this statement?

Well, i must confess, i do this a times. And i believe you do it too-unless you’re not a living being. Because being alive connotes mobility-being able to move, grow or change form. And in the process of being mobile, there are basically certain ‘stuffs’ you won’t really like.

I woke up today with two things in mind.
One of them was to complete and submit my academic assessment so I’ll not miss the dateline and the other was to fulfill a planned meeting with a friend.

To be very sincere, until that morning, I’d never recovered fully from the rigors of the previous day’s academic activities yet, right there with me was another bulk of assessment and dateline which must be met.

Right there and then, touching those books was the last thing i ever wanted to do. In fact, i found it so difficult to condition my mind to read. But, something happened.

After trying so hard to rouse my brain, to think and decide, the picture of a ‘fulfilled’ academic career flashed through my mind. Before i knew what was going on, my mind began to capture the imagery of what would happen, if i didn’t pick up those books.

At that instance, i could imagine the pain of a shattered dream, the loss of realizing how things would have changed if I’d done a little bit more and the agony of a self-made failure then, i realized, i had to make a choice.

Without so much as a pint of enthusiasm i picked up my books. Without pleasure but pressure and a faint spark of hope, i began work on my assessment despite its clumsiness, because I’d just seen the picture of a future.

I can’t tell the exact number of times I’ve had to do this neither can i describe exactly how we all feel, when we tend to get stuck at times but, i can say
with some authority, that  there will be times you’ll say: ‘oh this sucks! I really hate doing this’.

When such times come, we need to remember the big picture of a fulfilled future. When the present challenges of the mission seems to overwhelm the beauty of the vision, you need to hold unto that big picture.


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