Don’t Let Them Write You Off.

I feel bad, whenever folks look down on others, based on their assumed personalities.

Yes. Besides the fact that the tag ‘human’ grants us all a good measure of equality among God’s creations, I’m certain there is no experience, background or whatever that will erase our ‘humanity’ or nullify, our biblical standing as the most advanced creature and biological beings.

It’s very true that each person existing today is here because it was necessary so. And even without the genetic proofs of our individual uniqueness, the Bible itself and other religious scripts confirms that no single human being was created at a random.

You have been thoughtfully and fearfully created for a purpose and i can assure you that the world would never have been complete if you didn’t exist.

I may not know the incidence of your birth nor background but one thing i’m certain about is that you’ve been created because there’s something unique you have to do in this world, where no one else can do it exactly like you.

Believe me, you’re not a biological mistake. You are a treasure full of God’s power and you are capable of things beyond your best imaginations.

Don’t pity yourself. Don’t seat back and accept that tag of a ‘nobody’. It won’t do you any good. I have seen many people who were written off because of their background refused to keep their back on the ground.

I remember i usually declare this keywords to my self back then,
#i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
#i am created to create impact.
#i am full of God’s power, among others and it really worked wonders for me. You can choose to repeat them daily as many times as you want or you create such other Power words that will constantly remind you about who you are.

Remember, people won’t lose anything writing you off but you will. So don’t let them write you off my friend. Stand up and take your place in life today.


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