Chunking Time

Live to Write - Write to Live

It’s the start to another new week, and a new time to (possibly) be challenged with accomplishing all you want (or need) to accomplish.

Having a To Do list is important so you know what needs to be done — but sometimes the list seems a bit overwhelming and you may try to multitask and end up starting many items while finishing few.

Chunking your time can help you be productive and get tasks done — especially if one of the tasks is writing. Isn’t it difficult to find the time to write when it’s one of a list of things to do?

I have two approaches to chunking: individual tasks and similar tasks.

Basically, you decide on the top 2, 3, or 4 ‘must-get-dones’ for the day and choose an amount of time to dedicate to each. Chunk that time in your schedule

Since I’m still using a paper planner…

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Why You Should Ask.

I live in a country where religion is such a big issue. Here, some folks would rather choose to stigmatise or trouble others on the basis of their religious inclination.

Right here in my compound, our next door neighbour is not a member of my religious group. And i hardly rapport with her. Note,  this is not as regards her religion but, due to the fact that she’s an elderly person who also hardly understands English.

Though this woman gets in my way once in a while, i’ve always tried to give her the best of a neighbour’s kindness, against all odds.

While fixing dinner this evening, i had serious issues with my stove. I tried everything within my power but nothing would just get it back to shape. Right in the midst of this, my this particular neighbour was sitting around ‘minding her business’ while observing non challantly the drama within the kitchen.

I felt the urge to ask maybe she could help but my mind kept giving me a thousand and one reason i shouldn’t ask (Honestly, had it been it were just another person, i’d have done that right away but here was i, with a woman who hardly understood me).
Instead of trying to express myself to her, even through gesticulation, i was trying to put up with my plight because i thought she’ll not understand or care enough, as to help out.

Right there and then, when she noticed that i’ve actually exhausted every means i could to fix this issue, she called and offered me her stove. I thanked her profusely but i was a little bit surprised. So i asked myself,

“is it that people mostly do not get help ’cause they don’t ask?”

Seriously, i am one person that finds it hard to bother others for my needs hence i hardly ASK people for help. I remember, back then, i’d sometimes remain without some cash, (just to save my pride) than beg anyone for anything.


Well, i think it is! Often times, we lose great opportunities because we wouldn’t just ask. I think this story and other of your daily experiences has offered you enough reasons why you should ask.

Just before i leave, i want you to know with me today, that we mostly ask, not because we are poor but, it is a law of nature that you must ask so you would be given. You will need to ASK before you access many opportunities in life hence you must never fear to ask.

It doesn’t matter the prejudice or sentiments you bear, anyone can be the link to the help you’re seeking. Look beyond those reasons you ought not to ask, see beyond those religious social or racial cloak; go out and ask again and again, ask for your rights, ask for opportunities and you shall receive. Remember, those who ask receive.