Why Am I Here?


It begins like a brand new day and sometimes, if not for the ever present surroundings, you’ll just feel as if you’d just woken up to see the day’s light for the first time.

You then begin to find a different angle to life then with a broader understanding, you cherish the rich depth of the revelation you find.

To some people, it’s often different from this. With a feeling of loss and tears, they welcome this deep revelation of the Vision.

I think mine though was a combination of both. I felt nostalgic and the anxiety kept welling in my heart when I discovered the Vision, the purpose of being here.

I was both sad and angry. Angry that I’d been wasting precious time running away from this single thing. And not just that, i had some doubt on my ability to get it done.

You know some of us really have an idea of God’s purpose for our lives or should i say the reason for our existence on earth. But then, there are still many of us that will prefer to run away to Tarshish instead of Nineveh, like Jonah.

Dictionary.com defines purpose as the reason for which something exists or is done, made etc. So, for that fact, it is safe to say at least that everything has a purpose for which it came into existence.

Yes. Even human beings. Each and every one of us has a reason for being here. Don’t you think so?

I believe you’ll agree with me that every piece of furniture, electrical appliance and even an ordinary plate in your house has a reason for being there.

So if these inanimate things you pick from the groceries and stores are bought with a price so they can fulfill a certain end, do you think we human beings are just here for the fun of being alive?

No sir. i don’t think so ma’am! All living things existing on this earth are here for a purpose, including you. That said, have you ever asked the simple question, why am i here?

There is a reason for being here my friend. And the fact that you are aware of it or not cannot erase that reason otherwise called purpose. However, it can only remain dormant, just like a beautiful pot bought and kept without being used.

Supposing you exit the earth without executing this purpose, the gap would be there, unfilled, for generations, because there’s no other person who can do it, exactly like you.

Friend, I may not know exactly what you’re purposed to do here but i know that you got a purpose being here. There is something unique you’ve been created to do here.  And the keys ti finding it lies within you.

You could be enjoying a certain level of success right now but i can assure you, there’s nothing compared to the joy and contentment found in living a purpose driven life.

In my own experience, I had success but, there was so much yearning and a gap of discontentment, waiting to be filled.

It was struggle upon struggles until i found the reason for living. And even though, I’d tried running away from it for a long time, the day i accepted purpose was the day i began experiencing ease and real life. And i can assure you, the experience was more profound than what i captured at the opening of this article.

My friend, you could be called to be a Writer, Preacher, Lawyer, Doctor, Photographer, Artist, Caterer or whatever. Whenever you discover this call, go for it with all your strength.

I have seen celebrity Cooks, award-winning Painters and yet i have seen Doctors, Engineers and others who never tasted the joy of living because they refused to accept their distinct call of purpose.

The truth of the matter is, unlike the material world, in the human setting, no purpose is greater than the other. Each and every one of us has been purposed and given the ability to excel beyond our widest imaginations. So whatever extent we reach in this pursuit is what we have accepted either directly or indirectly.

As I close, I want to remind you dear friend that destiny and purpose is a personal thing. Don’t let the noise of what’s in vogue or the weakness of your limbs drown your willingness to pursue your purpose in life. You got the strength it takes to accomplish it. Because it was for this reason you were made.


Don’t Let Them Write You Off.

I feel bad, whenever folks look down on others, based on their assumed personalities.

Yes. Besides the fact that the tag ‘human’ grants us all a good measure of equality among God’s creations, I’m certain there is no experience, background or whatever that will erase our ‘humanity’ or nullify, our biblical standing as the most advanced creature and biological beings.

It’s very true that each person existing today is here because it was necessary so. And even without the genetic proofs of our individual uniqueness, the Bible itself and other religious scripts confirms that no single human being was created at a random.

You have been thoughtfully and fearfully created for a purpose and i can assure you that the world would never have been complete if you didn’t exist.

I may not know the incidence of your birth nor background but one thing i’m certain about is that you’ve been created because there’s something unique you have to do in this world, where no one else can do it exactly like you.

Believe me, you’re not a biological mistake. You are a treasure full of God’s power and you are capable of things beyond your best imaginations.

Don’t pity yourself. Don’t seat back and accept that tag of a ‘nobody’. It won’t do you any good. I have seen many people who were written off because of their background refused to keep their back on the ground.

I remember i usually declare this keywords to my self back then,
#i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
#i am created to create impact.
#i am full of God’s power, among others and it really worked wonders for me. You can choose to repeat them daily as many times as you want or you create such other Power words that will constantly remind you about who you are.

Remember, people won’t lose anything writing you off but you will. So don’t let them write you off my friend. Stand up and take your place in life today.