Gratitude: Easiest way to get more out of life


I will start with this, Gratitude is a great attitude. I’ve been extremely grateful this few days and the result’s been awesome really. The feeling of satisfaction and the happiness from it has been so out of this world.

Imagine just today, I decided to focus on things I could be thankful for when I woke up. And then so many things changed tremendously. A few hours of thankfulness opened my eyes to opportunities I’d normally not see at the moment.

See, Gratitude removes your focus from the unavailable to the available. Appreciation increases the value of what you have already.

I don’t know what you need in your life right now but I can assure you getting more starts with being grateful for what’s in your hand already.

Remember the 5Loaves and 2Fishes miracle? The most striking thing is that instead of complaining it’s not enough, thanksgiving was offered and then multiplication began so much so that over 5,000 people were fed with just 5loaves and 2fishes. Isn’t that amazing?

Sometimes it will take only the eyes of gratitude to see the capacity that’s beyond the eyes of reality.

If you really want to get more out of life, Appreciate who you are already. Be thankful for what’s in your hand right now. Because If you could get this much you really can have so much more.

Remember, Gratitude Changes your focus.

I am Victor Winners.
I am Grateful.


More money more happiness?

Does more money bring more happiness?

I’ve been in a sober reflection and I want to write this as it bothers me…

I read somewhere in a review about life in China then a Chinese expatriate confessed that his major issue with China is that the people are so money conscious. You know since I love money as well, I found the topic interest
ing so I read on.

He went further to say that this pursuit for money don’t make the Chinese people happier instead it made them even hungrier for more money. And that if nothing is done, about this, the future could be disastrous.

After the read, I took out a good time to think about this review. “so more money doesn’t equal more happiness” I couldn’t help asking myself.

As it is, I’m not sure how true this assertion is, but I’m certain this is no country bashing. I’m sure considering the times we’re in, this issue is not just peculiar to one country. From Africa to America, Asia, to Europe, the economy is not smiling.

So what do we do when there is so much need for happiness and even lesser means to its attainment?

Maybe, just maybe We first of all should know that money can buy many things but money don’t buy happiness.

I’m not super excited writing this and I will not discourage you from getting as much money as you want, but I want to remind you that there are some little things that still matter more than all the money in the world.

In the end, when we shall stand before the white throne, our true worth will not be measured by the amount of dollars we filled our banks but the kind of purpose we filled our days.

Keep money where it belongs!

For Singles: Real Reason Why People Love.

Dear Singles,

Love is not blind. People everyone has reasons they love.
If God in his greatness could Love you exactly the way you are, then it would be a total disregard to Him if you go about changing yourself into just anything so others could love you.

People don’t stay in your life because you are well able to please them. They stay because there is a peculiar value you are adding to their life. They believe in your uniqueness and will be willing to adjust to your excesses just as you adjust to theirs cos they understand your place in their lives.

Trust me, they don’t love you because they cannot not love. It could be joy, prosperity or anything. People come to value you for the VALUE you add to their lives.

There is another twist here anyway. I hear people also love you based on how you make them feel. So you may think pleasing others at your expense is a way of making them feel great. Here is the truth: You can make others feel on top of the world without bringing yourself below the earth.

There is a big difference between hurting your self and making others feel great about you. And moreover since feelings don’t last, you will need more than making people feel a certain way, if you really want to keep them in your life.

In your relationships, businesses and real life, you must understand that real folks don’t get impressed because you’re a ‘shit eater’. They want to keep relating with you because you understand your own uniqueness, you’re comfortable being yourself, and you’re willing to help them attain their full potentials through your own peculiarity.

Don’t ever forget that people with rock solid self esteem don’t feel threatened relating with others who have good self esteem. They feel inspired. So instead of going out to please others so they’ll keep you in their life, go all out, be yourself. Don’t just make them feel on top of the world, take them to the top of the world.

Stay Lifted!
My Name is Victor Winners.

This Lie is From The Pit Of Hell

There is this lie from the pit of hell that is almost real like the air blowing across your face right now. Its really a mind boggling untruth and I feel so angry at myself for believing it so many times.

This lie is peddled by one wretched girl that sits a top one part of my head. Honestly this girl’s been a part of me for ages now. And each time I try I really can’t get this pitiable soul outta my neck.

I once complained to a friend about my stubborn companion. Mr. Friend told me this girl’s a plague. She can’t be removed from my system, killed or silenced but I can always rise above her if I wish.

You wanna know her name right? She’s called Miss. “Comfort Zone”. I get so tired listening to Comfort hurt me with her sweet lies.

Everyday she tells me sugar coated lies. Imagine just this evening, this liar from the pit of hell said I should not write because I already know I don’t feel like writing at all and more over, I don’t have any idea on what to write about. And I almost gave in. In fact I believed it, until now.

Yesterday, she coerced me into sleeping for one solid hour when I was supposed to read. And I was so naïve to take her words. Of course that was how I felt. So when she told me; you feel like sleeping son, go ahead sleep, this book can rest. I meekly obeyed like Adamu’s Lil Lamb.

This girl’s all over the place friend. I’ve given her such a large room around my head. Someone need help me get her out of here. Imagine! How dare she stop me from going for more because of her fears?

How dare “Comfort Zone” with hold me? Each day I charge like this but at the end, her sweet flatter wins. And to say the truth, she talks facts.

My comfort zone screams reality. She tells me my experience. The facts she sees and says beclouds my expectations. In fact to her, if I ever have any potentials, such is measured from my present experience.

That is my little story with miss comfort zone my friend. Do you have any such experience with someone like her? I bet you do too.

Of course everyone got a comfort zone. And what does it do?

Our comfort zone lies inherent within us. From our current experiences, it draws up solid reasons we should not try out our greatest aspirations because we are already ok.

Just imagine how much you would achieve if you didn’t have any fears, place or thing you are so comfortable to let go. Try to visualize how much difference there would have been in your life

Trust me your comfort zone is the greatest thing you’ll deal with if you must get beyond where you are right now.

Don’t get me wrong. Science already defines comfort zone as the place where you feel at ease and your anxiety level drops because you’re not uncertain about anything. You already know and have all you need.

In this post, I’m talking about breaking forth from this self-styled complacency which is rooted in a deep fear of the unknown. That if you ever step out of where you’re comfortable with, terrible things will happen to you. This is the lie from the pit of hell.

I’m talking about the truth. And this truth actually is this; nothing different, new or out of the usual will ever be achieved if you’ll not dare to go beyond the usual.

Its normal to have a comfort zone. It’s not unusual people have those self doubts when they first try something new but it’s usual and you need know that outside our ordinary abilities lies our extraordinary selves.

You are made of MORE. Don’t just aim higher, go for more!

*** Hello, My Name is Victor Winners. Helping people like you find inspiration is what makes me feel alive. When you see me write some weird stuff like this, know I’m trying to stop this lie from the pit of hell.

Arrrh… okay. I don’t want to write this but if you feel this is awkward, please let me know. Good night. Oh! I almost forgot I was supposed to be reading now. Ok bye.

How to become more effective

how to become more effective

08/05/2015. 8:30PM.

If i’m not mistaken, i remember some fourty minutes ago after i asked my self the impossible question, what do i write about?

The answer just came from within and unlike me, i was like, whenever i’m set to write, the topic will come, of its own accord.

And did the topic come?
Well, not until the moment i started writing this part.

Maybe free style is what I’m gonna write today but I’m not going to quit writing today.

And this is not just a mere puff, Its about discipline and i’m set to get myself disciplined enough, to attain this cherished writing goal.

OK. Now you’ve got that. Self discipline is what we’ll share today.

Let me make a confession. I feel really impressed and fulfilled, being able to attain almost all of today’s set goals.

To be very sincere, recently i found myself struggling a lot, to achieve various set goals.

I actually can’t remember if it was unforeseen circumstances that got my efforts stalled or not but i remember also how ‘under-disciplined’ I’d allowed myself lately.

When i said indiscipline i didn’t mean a total lack of self control but one of those situations where you feel overwhelmed with issues that you rarely remember to focus on priorities.

Those days when your needs will clash with wants and the present clash with future both of them demanding such equal attention, as if you are made of two individuals.

Have you been through such times before?

Ok. Like i said, sometimes, it gets really difficult to decide what to do, whenever there arise a clash of interest as regards your goals or ambitions.

At such times, i think hard then relate the benefit of choosing each of the options and their disadvantages, regarding my long term goals or life’s purpose.

Like today for instance, i felt it really necessary so i decided to summarily divide and allocate each of the 24 hours in a day thus: Ten hours for work, six for studies and the rest for Thinking (yes I love doing this) refreshment and resting.

Now, this is not a general rule but it’s my own way of being proactive and getting a bit more disciplined right now.

You may not necessarily follow a strict rule to become a more effective person but you must play by some principles if you want to improve your effectiveness. And one of those principles is Pro-activity.

You will have to proactively take responsibility for everything that will happen in your life, be it fair or ugly by setting up both short and Long term goals, in relation to your ultimate life’s purpose.

From there it will be more easier to decide without losing your head what to pursue at a particular time and what not to. Especially on those days you got a whole lot of stuff up your sleeves.

Then for you to make it work, you will also need loads of self-discipline and consistent action.

Plus whenever it seems really disappointing or discouraging, you remind yourself this is a journey, you keep moving because you’ll soon get used to it.

So what’s the simplest way to get more effective in one sentence?

My recipe: Find purpose, set goals, stick to goals when you don’t feel like it (self discipline), then get results.

Do you have ideas on how to get more effective? Let’s hear you…

Victor Winners!