When You TRY So Hard But Get So Little- Xpeience


Today has been a very unique day. And I have been keen on pursuing one huge goal I’d earnestly desired, for the better part of the day.

After expending all my effort, for about eleven hours, i found out i could only attain about twenty five percent of the target, instead of the hundred percent i had expected.

I had almost got worn out from exhaustion and deep disappointment, before i was reminded by my ‘inner man’ that SIGNIFICANT SUCCESS, IS AN ACCUMULATION OF THE INSIGNIFICANT FEW.

I got to learn that success doesn’t just occur, when we reach the end of the ladder but that real success starts from the moment we step on the ladder, unto the very end of it.

The lesson i would share with you my dear friend today is:

”don’t get mad when what you garbage in is more than what you garbage out”.

“Don’t count yourself a failure, when you try so hard and get so little”.
Success, is a journey.

Remain blessed and


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