For Singles: Real Reason Why People Love.

Dear Singles,

Love is not blind. People everyone has reasons they love.
If God in his greatness could Love you exactly the way you are, then it would be a total disregard to Him if you go about changing yourself into just anything so others could love you.

People don’t stay in your life because you are well able to please them. They stay because there is a peculiar value you are adding to their life. They believe in your uniqueness and will be willing to adjust to your excesses just as you adjust to theirs cos they understand your place in their lives.

Trust me, they don’t love you because they cannot not love. It could be joy, prosperity or anything. People come to value you for the VALUE you add to their lives.

There is another twist here anyway. I hear people also love you based on how you make them feel. So you may think pleasing others at your expense is a way of making them feel great. Here is the truth: You can make others feel on top of the world without bringing yourself below the earth.

There is a big difference between hurting your self and making others feel great about you. And moreover since feelings don’t last, you will need more than making people feel a certain way, if you really want to keep them in your life.

In your relationships, businesses and real life, you must understand that real folks don’t get impressed because you’re a ‘shit eater’. They want to keep relating with you because you understand your own uniqueness, you’re comfortable being yourself, and you’re willing to help them attain their full potentials through your own peculiarity.

Don’t ever forget that people with rock solid self esteem don’t feel threatened relating with others who have good self esteem. They feel inspired. So instead of going out to please others so they’ll keep you in their life, go all out, be yourself. Don’t just make them feel on top of the world, take them to the top of the world.

Stay Lifted!
My Name is Victor Winners.


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