YOU set the limits

*This is an olddd post. you’ll learn anyways.

How has it been? It’s been one hell of a week here. From dealing with a creepy fever to being overwhelmed with almost everything, i can say this is indeed my ‘craziest’ week in July.

Prior to the beginning of this week, i built such monumental expectations like skyscrapers but sadly, they all came tumbling down like a pack of card while i stood there watching.

To be frank, I’ll not tell you I’m a super human because i get-it-all-right no. Instead what makes me a hero in my own right is that i notice my mistakes and i don’t just learn from it, i show others how to avoid it.

So back to what i said. This week met me smiling but left me puzzled. And yes, that’s what it is.

Never have i been pressed in 3months, like this week. In fact, at a point the pressure had been so much that i became so clueless about what next to do.

I’d walked away from my systematic routines, took unthinkable decisions and even had to relax some personal rules. Yet i still had such great expectations.

At a point, i looked at myself, i felt so helpless fighting these events. Then my mind began to spurn out reasons why i should just shrug it off, after all it’s not my fault.

You know, actually, i could excuse the failure to achieve my chief aim for the week on the prevailing circumstances i found my self. I could also blame it on ‘events beyond control’ but no amount of excuse will erase the fact that this wasn’t an eventful week.

I lost it big time. Yes i did. And i was only lucky i could keep my head. So that means i didn’t lose it all.

Unforeseen events will still happen. Nature will always take it’s course but you have the sole duty to decide its role in your personal life. This is exactly what i should have reminded myself.

You see, life only gives you choices. It won’t make the choice for you. And whether you decide to choose or not, it’s still a choice.

The rain may start falling the day you’re supposed to be coronated but allowing the rain to stop the coronation is a choice.

Nothing on earth. No artificial event can stop you until you stop. You are the ceiling to your personal development. You set the limits because THIS is your life.


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