Why Leadership is a bridge…

Personally, i grew up to see leadership as a beautifully cruel stuff. And in order to avoid it, i grew up dodging it all through my life.

It is not just a fact that i’ve been an unrepentant introvert, i just happen to loathe taking responsibility for others. And ofcourse, my fears and concerns are personal anyway.

The other thing is, it seems i’m just wired to be so concerned about other people and most of the times, to my hurt, i try to give others the very best of any kind of support i could.

You know as a leader, sometimes you get a thank you, for your little or great efforts. At other times you get nothing but that’s not what bothers me the most.

What disturbs me is that leadership involves a whole lot of giving.

From your time, resources and every kind of support, you keep giving and giving and giving. And maybe you’re a young leader seeking so much yourself, sometimes it could be overwhelming.

You work so hard doing everything to be seen as an efffctive leader then feeling so exhausted at the end of the day, you get mad at yourself.

You know, It could go on and on like this until one finally throws in the towel. But the goodnews is, there is a way out of this maze.

As a leader, you don’t need to work yourself to death, inorder to be seen as effective. And you need to know that doing the whole job alone to please everyone but yourself doesn’t make you effective. It only saps your energy.

Along this journey, i’ve learnt that effectivenes is about producing results and for this to happen, you have to synergise and obtain the input of the led, if you must produce a better output or result.

Some people argue that seeking other people’s input is a sign of weakness but from research, your ability to galvanise quality contribution from the led reduces your burden as well as gives the led a sense of belonging and that feeling of importance.

In your capacity as a leader or an individual person, you have to know that leadership doesn’t make you an island. It is supposed to be the bridge between your personal growth and the growth of your followers.

Originally written as part of a birthday remembrance collection, You Can Start again, an anthology of Inspirations billed to be released on March 17th, 2015.
by Victor Winners.


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