Opportunities Beneath Disappointments- My Story.


I’d been high up and dry few days ago, without so much of ‘enough’ hope. The faith i had in myself was fast ebbing, like the fall of a tide.
I had been in this state for some days, totally bereft of money and ‘what next’ to do. I was almost totally poor, when I’d always hoped that at this point in time, i will live like a king.

Was my thinking wrong? Was in the wrong place? I’d heard me asking myself this questions several times. Honestly, I’d already known the answers to these questions but at this state, i needed even a little re-assurance, so i could get up on my feet. Sadly, i never could get it from anyone.
I knew i must never give up totally but i really doubted the reality of holding on, right then.

In the midst of this disappointment, i prayed to God, i quoted those motivational scriptural verses (yeah, that’s what I’d always been taught) and i began to speak positive words to myself. These words kept changing my thinking and moods, the more i kept repeating them, until the disappointment I’d seen became replaced with hope.

I never got an immediate credit alert from my bank nor some miracle money but i remember, i began to see the opportunity that had been calling at me(which I’d never see, but for this crisis). Then, everything changed.

I may not really know how you feel or what’s been troubling you but i do know that you need to see beyond the ‘shit’ that’s happening around you, you must change what you see(your focus), so your life can turn around.

Never give up on your hope because you ain’t got the means to get there today. There is still something you can do to get started again.


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