Feeling Lost???

Have you ever felt so worn out and tired of life, during the pursuit of your dreams?

If your answer’s yes, then we’ve been in the same shoes. Can we relate then? Ofcourse, i think we should.
For some two weeks now, i’d felt so overwhelmed by the circumstances of life. I’ve been beaten down left, right and centre by life such that i’d been left headlong in despair. Honestly, everything’s been so weird that i keep asking myself, “i’m i still doing the right thing?” in fact, were it not for the little faith i still had on those dreams and the Divine (God), i’d let go the boring life.

After everything i’d been through, i’ve come to realise that “THESE EVENTS HAPPEN SO WE’LL HAVE STORIES TO TELL”
it’s true that you will never appreciate beauty, if you’ve never seen the ugly. And it is also obvious that the beauty of SUCCESS lies in the triumph over defeat.

I have come to know that success is not a destination but a journey. And there is no success without challenges hence to achieve success, i must appreciate and surmount challenges.

I know we can win through life, if we want to, i know we can re-direct the course of our lives despite our situations. I know we can, because WE CAN!


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